Sunday, July 15,2012


Greetings everyone!

I’m enjoying the last day of my 63 year-long life journey today! Tomorrow, I become the epidome of the famous Beatles’ song. I’m spending the day in the poolside office with my brother-in-law, Dainis. It’s not quite as hot as it has been lately, only low 90s.

As you may have seen through the mid-week news flash, the Mozart book is now at the printers. I’m excited to get some copies. As I said before, this is mostly a university reference book. I don’t recommend it for your summer beach reading, however, check out libraries in your area. There are some interesting and even humorous passages. Of particular note are the excerpts from Mozart’s letters to his family which give an authentic behind-the-scenes look at this fascinating period in music history.

Now that Balulalow is in print, the current choral publication scene is set. I have manuscripts ready for The Truth from Above and When Christ Was Born of Mary Free, as well as the Missa Brevis based on the chant Dominator Deus. A word on the Mass – the Gloria is extremely difficult to perform. I went a little overboard and created a very complex rhythmic landscape that is a real challenge. It’s incongruous because the rest of the Mass is really pretty easy. These issues are preventing me from submitting it for publication right now. When I start school on August 1, I will upload Watchman Tell Us of the Night as a second gratis piece. PDFs are available from me directly.

Twin Killing …

Nick has been rebuffed by Detective Laster and told to stay out of the investigation.  Will he? Of course not! After talking to the Phillies’ clubhouse guy, Buzzy Ostrem, Nick begins to seek the answer to the question, “What if the beer vendor was not the actual target?” Meanwhile, the Clearwater cops are investigating the murder of the beer man and the bad guys are trying to figure what to do next since their first attempt was a failure.

I’ve got about 16,000 words in now.  I should be able to knock out 1,000 per day for a while now. There’s not much snippet material available this week, but here’s a bit:

     Once again Laster led Nick up a few rows to question him. “So, Pennsylvania State Police. Don’t they call you guys ‘Smokies’? Do you lay in wait on the turnpike and pull over speeders? What is your current assignment Flemons?”

     “I’m assigned to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation working out of Harrisburg, but you’re right, I paid my dues as a ‘Smokie,’ and then discovered I had an interest in detective work and applied for an assignment with the BCI. I had already been promoted to sergeant and was heading a station, so, after advanced training, I was moved into the Bureau.”

     “What made you decide to come to Clearwater for your vacation?”

     “Back in ’92, I had a spring tryout here with the Phillies. It was going really well until I blew up my ankle sliding into third. End of baseball, beginning of law enforcement.”

     “And now you’re reliving the good old days?”

     “There’s more to it than that. A while back, my partner was murdered by two rival organizations. The investigation seemed to point to the fact that she was dirty and somehow got on their wrong side. It was tough for me because I didn’t want to believe the facts and I had lost a close friend. My relationships on the job started to deteriorate and the Captain suggested a leave to let some time pass. So, here I am, on vacation, and right back in the middle of a nice, relaxing murder.”

     “Whoa, Flemons, you’re not in the middle of anything. You’re a witness. That’s all.”  She took her notebook from her purse. Nick realized that, in absence of her sergeant, she would be taking down the pertinent information herself. The interview was about to begin.

     “Tell me what happened,” Laster began.

     “The Jays went down 1-2-3 in the top of the first. The Phil’s had runners at the corners with Pence up when it happened.”

     “I’m not sure the play by play figures into the case here. Tell me what happened at the moment of the shot.”

     “This beer guy, Pilarski, was a real show. Non-stop chatter, all the while pushing the suds. He put his crate down in the aisle just to my left. Someone over my right shoulder called for a beer and he knelt down to pour. At the moment he stood up, there was a boom and his head exploded. He went down on his crate on his back and rolled over, landing at row three. It was over in a split second. The matter from the exit wound sprayed in a funnel pattern all over the closest fans sitting in the first three rows. Their screams alerted everyone in the area and the stampede was on.”

     “At that point, what did you do?”

     “I tried to do a quick exam of the vic to ascertain his condition, but there was panic all around. People were trying to get past me up the aisle. I got on all fours over the body until everyone had passed. When I had a chance to do a more thorough look, it was clear to me that the vic was dead.”

Well, looking to the heavens, I think it might actually rain very soon! The poolside office doesn’t do well in the rain, so I think I’ll head inside. For messages during the week, please follow me on Twitter  @kleaspop. I hope everyone has a terrific week and I’ll see you online!  -JAS

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