Sunday, July 29,2012

Happy last Sunday in July!

It’s been an interesting few days. My summer vacation is coming to an end. As I related last post, I’ve got three new preparations to get ready: Computers in Music; Intro to Music (Music Appreciation) with a new text book; and Intro to Music Online (with yet a different text book). In addition, I’m teaching the Freshman Orientation Seminar (How to be Successful as a Music Major), a graduate independent study on Opera Performance Practice, and, if I have any hours left, a voice student or two. I’ll go to the office for a few hours on Wednesday to begin getting organized.

>Composition: I’m looking forward to installing Finale 2013 on my laptop. It’s probably time for me to do another composition based on a Gregorian chant. That means it’s time to spend some hours with the good old liber usualis. I’ve told you already about my Missa Dominator Deus, but I do enjoy using chant manuscripts as a cantus firmus when planning a new composition. I should also delve back into the Breton opera Ankou. Although I don’t have the Scene Three libretto yet, I have plenty to do on Scenes One and Two. I keep waffling on the orchestration because I compose directly into the orchestration and then make the piano reduction. If I change my mind on instrumental timbre or orchestra size, I sometimes create problems for myself. But, enough shop talk!

Mozart book: Tick Tock Tick Tock. Still waiting … I guess it’s time to see where they are in the production process.

Twin Killing: I had some really good days this week, cranking out about 2,000 words. Then two things happened, it began to rain every day at exactly 4 pm, and the Olympics arrived! At least I’m over 20K now and moving into a time when the relationship between Nick Flemons and Detective Charlie Laster will begin to unfold. Very brief snippet this week, I suspect I’m telling you the whole story and that will never do!

In this brief phone conversation, Nick is trying to promote an idea he has which seems to be contrary to the official police investigation. How better to do it than over dinner …

Charlie got to her office and picked up the phone, “Laster.”
“Hi, Flemons here – don’t hang up! I know I’m supposed to stay out of the case, but I can’t help thinking about it. I have an idea that I think you will find very interesting.”
“Look, Flemons – “
“Just hear me out, and how about Nick, okay?”
“I’m in the middle of interviewing a very important witness, doing real police work, and you want to waste my time listening to a figment of your imagination?”
“Okay, okay, I get it. Look, I haven’t eaten all day, how ’bout meeting me at Carrabbas on Gulf to Bay, close to my hotel, and I lay out my thoughts. If I can’t convince you that this idea has merit, I’ll go hang out on the beach until you release me as a witness. I know you’ll have a good time because you’ll get to yell at me some more plus have a free dinner at my expense. So, in thirty minutes, I’m going over there, I’m gonna have a beer and an appetizer and wait until either you show up or they close. How’s that for a deal?”
“Don’t hold your breath, … Nick.” She hung up the phone and returned to the interview room.


Well, that should do it for now. It’s interesting to me that lots of folks seem to post on Facebook all day every day. It seems to indicate that many people either have a lot of time on their hands or that they feel the world is waiting, with baited breath, for the next bloviation. I wouldn’t change it for the world because I find it very entertaining. I suppose the same could be said of my drivel that appears regularly in this series of posts. The most prolific posters are those who proselytize their religious and/or political viewpoints. I have two statements that immediately make me an outcast to all proselytizers: 1) I prefer bells & smells to hum & strum, and 2) I am a registered independent who is actually a pro-choice Republican. Both of those seem to get me into enough trouble that nobody wants to talk to me about religion or politics, at least not in the deeeeeep south! Well, now that I’ve pulled my own string, I better vamoose! Have a great week, go USA, and I’ll see you online! -JAS

PS. It would be great if a comment or two would arrive. Cheers!

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