Here we go again!

Good morning!

It’s a somewhat chilly day for South Georgia – only about 60 degrees with a bit of a wind. Moxie is basking in the sun while I’m sitting at the patio table under the bright purple umbrella! It’s spring break time at the university, so I thought this might be a good time to resurrect the ol’ Word Press blog. Monday morning Moxie and I leave for my annual spring training baseball trip to Clearwater to catch a few Phillies games. I’ll see the Orioles on Monday and the Blue Jays on Wednesday. On Tuesday, we’ll take in the beach and other attractions at Pier 60. This is the fourth year for the trip. The first was with just Aija, then the next year with Aija, Dorothy and Scott, then last year it was with Alek. This year, no fam could go with me, so Moxie generously agreed to keep me company, although she can’t go to the game! Another highlight of the trip is to partake of my annual scrapple fix at Lenny’s restaurant which is a slice of Pennsylvania hidden in Clearwater. If you don’t know about scrapple, you’re missing a Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy! At Lenny’s, it’s the real thing, just like home!

I’ll close with some brief updates.

Nick Flemons is still stuck in second gear while I suffer from the greatest case of writer’s block on record. I’m sensing just a twinge of the possibility of coming out of it as my thoughts seem to return to the story more often than before. Maybe I’ll figure it out and, in a mad flurry of writing activity, finish the damn thing!

I’ve published another choral piece – “Love Came Down at Christmas.” It’s with Colla Voce, Inc. out of Indianapolis. I’ve submitted two others, “The Truth from Above” and “When Christ Was Born of Mary Free.” I’m waiting on the editorial board to see if they’re accepted. I have another one ready to submit – “A Boy Was Born,” which is, more or less, an homage to Benjamin Britten. I seem to be always working on a really short opera project, gravitating back and forth from Ankou to The Bundle of Sticks to a new idea I had from an internet microfiction site.

While I am retaining my professorship in the Department of Music, I have moved over to the Honors College where I am Program Coordinator and working with the Honors curriculum. I’m teaching my usual online music appreciation and rock & roll classes, plus an Honors Introductory Seminar focused on Creativity! It looks like I’ll have exactly the same assignments in the fall.

Approaching the ripe old age of 66, I’m hoping to put in four more years in the academic saddle before sitting by the pool like this on a regular basis! I promise to make an attempt to not bore you. So, having said that, I’ss see you later – online! Cheers! -Jim

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